The Hutt Gambit

Escape from Mos Shuuta


Characters Present

Drehd Lauk
Carl Kret
Shado Ven
Some Weequay Thug

The Story

The Party found out that due to their blotch espionage job for Teemo the Hutt he was extremely displeased with them and when Teemo is displeased with you, you may end up as Nexu food.

We took refuge in a cantina on the outskirts of Mos Shuuta but unfortunately someone ratted us out and soon Teemo had a group of Gamorian thugs bearing down on us. We were able to overcome the stupid bruits by using some well laid out tactics, (we got lucky one of them missed a swing at us and hit his buddy causing them to get into an internal brawl, no one every said Gamorians were smart). The Bartender told us he had heard about a ship in the landing bay that was ready to depart but it’s hypermatter reactor igniter has been damaged and the Pilot Trex was looking to replace it.

The party made it’s way over to Vorn’s Junk Shop we didn’t feel like dealing with him so Drehd made quick work out of him and we freed a little astromic droid R5-K3 “Copper” who helped us find the part we need to make the ship fly.

After we left the junk shop we made our way to Landing Bay Aurek. Trex was in a confrontation with about a dozen Stormtrooers who seemed to want to search his ship. Trex and his 4 B1 Battle Droids didn’t seem like they wanted anyone on board. Fortunately for us QT-1 noticed that the ship was clamped down and we figured out that we needed to release the clamps. We sent the Human Smuggler, Twi’leks Doctor, Aqulish and Cooper to the Command and Control center to see if they could get the ship released.

The rest of us decided we needed to try and get a few people on board the ship so QT-1 and Munch decided to make their way towards the ship and the others set up an Ambush to take out the Storm Troopers, Trex and his droids if they needed to. Again bad things happen when they are least expected. QT-1 and Munched set off a firefight between the Stormtroopers and Trex.

The Stormtroopers coming under assault in the landing bay seemed like a blessing to the other group as they were able to make it into the Command and Control building due to a large contingent of the guards leaving in a rush towards the firefight. Copper and the Human Smuggler were able to release the docking clamps and headed back to the ship.

Back in the landing bay QT-1 was able to block the signal to the battle droids and powered them down and we were keeping the heads of the Stormtoopers down and had driven Trex away from the ramp of the ship allowing Munch and QT to board and prep for take off. Just then a huge contingent of Teemo’s thugs arrived at the same time as the other Stormtrooper detachment. A massive firefight broke out and we all just managed to get on board the ship and blast our way out of the Landing Bay.

As QT-1 was still installing the hypermatter reactor igniter a squadron of TIE fighters engaged us. Munch and Drehd maned the ships weapons and were able to hold them off just long enough for us to make a uncharted jump into Hyperspace.



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