The Hutt Gambit

Long Arm of the Hutt

Ambush at the Old Lylek Den


Characters Present

Drehd Lauk
Carl Kret

The Story

We started out here with our newly acquired ship the Krayt Fang jolting out of hyperspace. There was something wrong with the ship and we had to figure it out quick or something bad might happen, also we weren’t sure how far we had got past Tatooine. There was some god awful music blaring over the intercom system, as well as some type of alarm coming from the main navigational computer.

With QT-1’s expertise it didn’t take us long to figure out that we were extremely low on fuel and that the blaring sound was some type of Gamorrean Opera. We were able to get the alarm turned off and the music as well. During the invisgation Drehd found 4 prisoners being held in the primary cargo bay. The first we talked to was an ageing Twi’lek prisoner, he claimed to be named B’ura B’an, the others were a Duro, a Ithorian, and finally another Wookie, we assumed these were Bounties that the Trandoshian was trying to turn in for reward.

Turns out the Duro Chico claimed that this rust bucket was his ship the Ithorian Aawala was some kind of doctor with a bounty on her head and the Wookie Shobacc had some kind of life debt he owed her. The Twi’lek wanted to go back to Ryloth and lucky for him we had just enough fuel to get there.

We were able to plot our Hypespace jump to Ryloth and sat back for the ride. It was a tad bit bumpy but not to bad but as soon as we droped into the system we had some little snub fighter all over us. Luckily for us we have some good gunner and Chuck and Drehd were able to shoot the little fighter out of the sky. Not sure if the pilot survived or not but he didn’t bother us anymore. We were cleared to land at the space port in the settlement of Nabat and B’ura offered to ensure that any repairs needed would be paid for by his contacts there.

If you think Tatoonie is bad you should see the dust ball that is Ryloth, how a sentient race every claimed this planet as their home world I will never know. Half of Nabat is exposed to the elements and consist of several landing pads, some slum dwellings the rest in underground out of the elements. B’ura led us down into the underbelly of the city and introduced us to Nyn Kablo. Nyn offered to give us an exclusive contract smuggling Ryll for them if we could help drive off some thugs that were preventing her for getting the Mins in the settlement of New Meen up and running.

We spent the night on our ships and decided that Nyn’s offer was a very generous one and so we joined B’ura in a speeder and headed out into the open desert on our way to this settlement of New Meen. Ryloth is oppressively hot and we had been speeding through these badlands for a few hours when the terrain began to get really rough. We slowed down and began to maneuver around there boulders when out of no where our speeder was hit by a blast. Nyn lost control and planted the nose of the speeder into the dirt and sent us all flying.

When we all came to we where getting fired upon form some type of canyon in the plateau to our west. There were dozens of thugs, and a familiar face the Trandosian from Tattonie was there and seemed to be leading them. Chuck and Drehd threw some frag grenades into the entrance of the canyon and they exploded bringing a shower of rocks down on these bounty hunters heads. The Trandosian seemed to be making a run for it as we chased him. A few of his thugs were still alive and some of us stopped to deal with them. Chico and Shobacc started to work their way around the outside of the plateau to cut the Trandosian off.

As Drehd made his way past the thugs there was a massive roaring snarl and a small avalanche of rocks tumble down from the top of a pile of rocks along the North face of the canyon. Then a great beast, a Lylek, leaped down into the melee, its six limbs tipped with claws like spears digging into one of the thugs and ripping it to shreds. The party was now split by this massive beast, Drehd and the Aqualish Gorothin chasing after the Trandosian and the other trying to prevent this creature from mauling them. Gorothin got off a few good shots and seemed the Trandoshian seemed to be slowed but in front of him was a speeder ready to escape. As the Trandoshian jumped onto the hood of his speeder and got in he got blasted in the chest by Chico who had rounded the edge of the plateau and had taken aim at the Trandosian as he got onto his speeder.

B’ura had recovered by then and told us to leave the creature known as a Lylek alone if we valued out lives. we dug our speeder out of the ground and were able to fix it and we took the Bounty Hunters speeder as well and proceeded on to New Meen.



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