The Hutt Gambit

Long Arm of the Hutt 2

Rugged Road To The Ryll Mines


Characters Present

Drehd Lauk
Carl Kret

The Story

It didn’t take us long to get to New Meen after the ambush I guess we just got lucky that the speeder wasn’t to badly damaged. At first the Twi’lek here looked on at us in apprehension but due to B’ura being with us they soon warmed up to us. Once we arrived B’ura brought us up to speed on the real situation here. It seemed that some politicians has sold this land to on off-world interest as a Resort that never actually got built, All that was here was the skeleton of a tower not much more that 4 support beams at each corner a enclosed structure on the 2nd floor and an office complex on the top floor. There seemed to be a single turbolift in the center of the building.

We didn’t wast anytime we went over and started casing the tower, trying to figure out it’s week points. It didn’t take long for people to catch on to what we were doing. But before that Drehd Lauk and Shobacc managed to get a few demo charges set up in the second floor of the tower. The Demo chargers went off with a spectacular bang blowing bits of Human and Aquilish thugs everywhere through the small settlement, and taking out the turbrolift.

Some of the others were already hiding by now just in case and that was a good thing because it didn’t take any time at all for Drehd and Grant to get surrounded by two dozen armed men wanting some payback for the death’s of their buddies in the tower. Things quickly escalated and luckily for us Aawala is as good of a speeder pilot as she is a doctor because she was able to slam the speeder into a bunch of the thugs and pic most of the group up saving a few of them from certain death. After we took out the last of the thugs we placed three more Demo Charges at the base of three of the support beam and collapsed the tower down to the ground. We found a dead human man in the top office and took his computer.

We discover that this was just a part of the Thugs compound and that more of it lays about a mile to the south, so we pack up and head out there to do some more recon by fire. There wasn’t to much resistance out at the compound, which consisted of a parking bay and an ugly gray prefabricated building. We decided that this would be a great base to set up our operations from and decide to not cause to much collateral damage.

Once the building is cleared we had some time to inspect the computer and found out that the human in-charge here Angu Drombb was an employee of Teemo the Hutt. He had some messages back and forth with someone named Thwheek who also seemed to work for Teemo. A lot of it was about someone named Sivor and how he was captured by Trex and decapitated by Thwheek a few weeks later. We also gathered Sivor was sometype of Insectoid from the messages. Once we were settled in B’ura suggested that we head back to Nabat and inform Nyn Kablo of our success.



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