The Hutt Gambit

Long Arm of the Hutt 3

Geonosian Negotiations


Characters Present

Drehd Lauk
Carl Kret

The Story

We had just returned to Nabat and headed back to meet up with Nyn Kablo. Nyn thanked us so much that it was bordering on the strange. She then introduced us to someone who she thought may be able to help us, it seemed our notoriety was starting to be a bad thing for us. It was a Bothan claiming to be named Ota. He showed us a Holoprojector with images of us and the Krayt Fang and text saying “Wanted: 50,000 credits reward. If you have information, contact Teemo in Mos Shuuta, Tatooine.”

It seemed Ota was some type of weapons dealer and had been invited to a private function to be hosted by a Genosian duke, Duke Piddock a former business partner with Teemo the Hutt. He wanted us to acted as his agents and get Duke Piddock to let us know why he had stopped working with Teemo and get Duke Dimmock a different Genosian duke to back out of his deal with Teemo, easier said than done.

So after some discussion we decided it would be better if only a few of us went to Geonosis, so we loaded up the Krayt Fang and set out to Geonosis. It was an uneventful trip and we landed at Gogum Hive and I decided that the Maker must have been extremely cruel to this sector of space as Geonosis looked like another barren wasteland ringed by asteroid that rained down on the world causing untold devastation, hopefully not while we were there.

We made it to the dukes party and while we were somewhat out of place it wasn’t as bad as we thought, there were quit a few other fringers including twin Corellian Smugglers, a Gand, and Anat Ta a Toydarian who we found out was from Mos Eisley on Tatooine but he claimed he didn’t know Teemo. We decided Carl Kret would act as our face man and the rest of us would be his security element.

Duke Piddock was an elderly Geonosian and it was easy enough to break the ice and he was expecting us. We had to make a deal with Piddock to buy a few dozen Blaster Rifles but we were sure Ota wouldn’t mind that. Once that was over we were able to get some info about why he stopped working with Teemo. It seemed that Teemo emplyed a Kubaz spy and the Geonosians despise the Kubaz, and he suspects that Teemo had one of his technicians named Sivor abducted.

Now that we had the information we needed we had to get an audience with Duke Dimmock. He was all the way out at the Trellik Hive so we had to fly the Kryat Fang out to landing gantry AA7 with another ship the Lucky Guess. We asked around and soon had some guards escorting us in to see the duke. Like Duke Piddock, Duke Dimmock looked very much the same. He informed us that he was going to hear them out as a debt to his old fried Ota thought that we shouldn’t wast any of his time. We told him about the Kubaz spy that worked for Teemo and how we expected he has killed a Geonosian by the name of Sivor, we than showed him the message we had found on the computer on Ryloth. Dimmock seemed to consider our information for some time before he declared that he would no longer work with Teemo unless the information provided by you was proven false.

We found out that the two Corellian twins owned the other ship berthed on gantry AA7 and it was being loaded for a deliver to Teemo but that would be the last time Duke Dimmock did any business with him. We thanked the Duke and headed back to our ship. Munch wanted to prevent the shipment from heading out to Temmo so we started to make plans on what we would do. to prevent it.

When we arrived at the gantry we could see the hulking ship being loaded by some Geonosian workers and the was at least 3 if not more guards. Before we got a chance to make our move though Drehd set off some type of stunn mine booby trap knocking him nearly unconscious and catching chuck in the blast. Munch made a b-line to the Kyrat Fang and started to get it up. Then we saw that it was the Gand from the party who was trying to take us down. That was one hard hitting little bug but we were able to take him out and tried to pursue his ship but it lost us in the asteroid field surrounding Geonosis. We made our was back down and by the time we got there Drehd and Chuck had searched the body of the Gand and discovered his identity was Vrixx’tt. We took out the Corellian twins and stole their ship.

The ship’s cargo was a bunch of parts to make antiquated B1 Battle Droids, and there was a message from Teemo’s majordomo telling the Corellians too steer clear of the Obana Asteroid Belt due to Rycar’s pirates amping up their raids on shipping in that vicinity, and specifically targeting Temmos shipments. We split our party with half the group heading towards the Sisar Run to deliver a shipment of spice and the others to go set up a droid production facility back at our base of operations in New Meen.



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