The Hutt Gambit

Nerf Herder's Daughter

What a crap hole


Characters Present:

Drehd Lauk

The Story

The Party was headed to the Sisar Run flying on the Krayt Fang when a hyperspace malfunction stranded the crew in Engebo system A backwater planet with not much on it but Nerf Herding. The crew went to look for a replacement part in the one town around. There they met the Nerf Herder’s Daughter. Before anyone could talk business a fiery ball of wreckage came flying down through the atmosphere.

Everyone went running to protect the herds, including a half the party. The other half went directly to the crash site. Upon investigation The crashed ship turned out to be some sort of mobile zoo. Suddenly hundreds of Skekfish came out of the ship and started burrowing and attacking everyone (kind of like tremors).

The party went with the Daughter to her home to check on her father. To sweeten the deal she promised half price on the needed part. When they got to her house the group needed the daughter to go first because of her fathers powerful security system so Munch picked her up and used her like a shield as everyone ran across the courtyard.

The party successfully got inside the compound only to be double crossed by the girls father for some reason, as well as the town sheriff. Everyone received their come-unpins a short moment later when the [monsters] burst through and killed them.

Half the party went for the mans speeder and the other half went back for their old speeder. Everyone met back at the port. The town was mostly destroyed except for some droids repairing the party’s ship. The Party and the Daughter escaped but the planet was totally screwed. The crew limped onward to their original destination.



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