The Hutt Gambit

Secrets of the Sisar Run

Hunting the Hunter


Characters Present

Drehd Lauk

The Story

We were able to limp the Krayt Fang into the Sriluur system with our jerry rigged hyperdrive, but it took us quiet some time, we were able to get a message out to Chico on the Big Banth and they met us on board the local docking hub. We finally met up on the station and our party seemed to have grown quiet some during the time we were traveling to Sriluur. We spent some credits to get the part we needed to get the Krayt Fang up and running again and QT-1 and “Copper” went to work on it while the rest of us looked into meeting up with our contact here an old Shistavanen spacer know as Mal Biron.

Turns out Mal was the administrator of the Docking Hub so we had no problem finding his office, but when we arrived he wasn’t there instead we were met by his assistant Kalend Thora a Duro who paid us for our delivery and informed us that she could get us an audience with [[:durga-besadii-tai | Durga The Hutti], but if we retrieved an item that was worth 15,000 credits to him he would be more obliged to help us in our endeavors against Teemo the Hutt.

Turns out some lowly thug named Limn Yith stole an important item from Black Sun and both Vigo Sprax, And Durga are trying to get it back, Durga wants to undermine Sprax though and is hiring outsiders from his normal circle, and that is where we come in. Unfortunantly the Krayt Fang wasn’t quiet ready to travel so we split the group up and the majority of us headed down to Sriluur the last place any one had seen this Yith on the Big Bantha.

We were able to get the clearance to land at Meirm City and Drehd though our best bet was to check out some of the local cantinas and see if we could pick up any leads. Our first stop was a fairly large cantina, with an extremely loud cooling fan that drowned out the band that looked crummy anyways. This crap hole was know as the Deep Spacer but they did serve good drinks, unfortunately no one had seen Yith recently, but we were able to find out that she worked for a Hutt know as Kutuab, we aren’t sure how he’s related to Temmo so we decided to steer clear from him for the time being. We also found out that the Mining Colony that Yith raided was on Yen-2 and was serviced by Jatayus Outbound who had an office at the local space port.

We finished up our drinks and headed out to the Space port because Tulara thought she may be able to pull up some clues as to the location of Kaa’to Leeachos. The space port wasn’t far from the cantina so we were able to walk there with out much any incidents and Tular began to slice the Starports general access terminal to find any information, meanwhile Drehd scouted out the office of Jatayus Outbound. While Tular was sliceing the treminal 6 hulking creatures we would know as Houk’s came up and started a confrontation with Drehd. These Houk’s were able to absorb a tone of damage and they gave us a hell of a fight before we were able to put them down with the help of the local star port security. Tular wasn’t able to recover any useful information besides that there was a ship from Jatayus currently being loaded for deliver off-world.

Munch decided the time for subtlety was over and smashed the door to Jatayus open and walked in taking a seat in the waiting room. Drehd followed him in and began to intimidate the employee working the desk. Between the two of them and Shobacc we were able to find out that Bet Att one of Sprax’s guards has been looking for Yeth as well that the last place he was seen was Meirm Speeder Emporium. Tulara also sliced the office computer system and was able to figure out that the shipment was a front for an illegal weapons shipment, but we decided we didn’t have time to look further into that.

Next we headed over to this Speeder dealers and was greeted by a grizzled, wrinkled, blurry-eyed Ithorian named Torsha Dawun, and her younger nephew. The Ithorian was extremely helpful despite telling so many stories that we were there well into the night time. We found out that she had, had five swoops stolen form her about two weeks ago which turned out to be the work of Yith, She had also given this information to Bet Att but hadn’t seen him since. She was sure that Yitth would try and sell her swoops to Kutuab the Hutt as the Hutt was who some one like Yith would normally deal with but that hadn’t happened yet. Finally she informed us that the swoops had trackers in them but the tracker only reached a 10 Kilometer range and the swoops had not entered that range since they were stolen.

We rented a Skiff and started a search pattern out into the desert butt weren’t able to locate the beacons before we came across a small religious retreat that looked like it had been hit really bad. We searched for survivors and found quit a few, they explained to us that a group of Houk had attacked them with 5 swoops and a skiff barge stealing a bunch of supplies and heading back out into the desert. One of the elders believed they may have come from an old shipwreck laying at the edge of the Lesser Cueva Expanse. We rested here for the evening planing on heading out to his area at first light.



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