The Hutt Gambit

Under a Black Sun 2

City of Spires And Strife


Characters Present

Bragen IG-4
Trandoshan Mercenary

The Story

Chico , Ka’al and Javier arrive on Coruscant while on their way to regroup with the rest of the original group, they receive word from a mutual contact named Chopper that there may be some easy work for them. They meet up with Chopper and discuss the work as the crew consisting of Abdou Bragen IG-4 Tulara and the Trandoshan Mercenary seeped into the chop shop. Introductions are made and with a stronger force the crew decides to follow up on the remaining lead they have for tracking down The Green Nikto. Before they set out Abdou asks Chopper if by chance there are any droid protocols or upgrades that he has come across that would benefit Bragen IG-4 and his demeanor, especially when dealing with children. Chopper laughs but mentions that he actually came across something recently that may be of use, but would require a few hours of work, so the droid sits out this portion of the mission.

As the crew approaches the Velcom Towers building they are spotted by guards that were prepared due to all the violence that had erupted at the Sabacc Gambling casino earlier that day. The crew lands the speeder near the east wall of the towers and quickly fire at their pursuers. Tulara, bravely and determined rushes towards the console panel she spotted on their approach, leaving herself in the direct line of fire of 6 of the guards. She takes a few hits but thanks to the suppressive fire from the rest of the group she eventually makes it to the console and slices her way into the Velcom building’s security and operations network. Within minutes she has control of the elevators, locks and alarms. While the gunplay and slicing was underway, Ka’al gains entry to the towers via a ventilation system, he relays his position when he exits the vents at a catwalk on a sub level. He hides as plenty of guards rush underneath him to board the elevators, when the elevators begin to rise he informs Tulara about the incoming enemies. Tulara stops the elevators via slicing controls, trapping the armed guards, Abdul who followed Ka’al down the vents now assists Ka’al in arming stun grenades at the opening of the elevator doors. When their trap is set, Tulara send the elevator back down and opens the doors, a ridiculous amount of stun grenades simitaneously explode, leaving the guards incapacitated and beyond. The firefight outside ends with little injury to the crew and a whole lot of dead guards, amongst them mercanaries and thugs that can easily be identified as having ties with the Black Sun. The crew finds weapons crates in the sub level and take a few grenades and firearms. They then proceed to what appears to be a hidden corridor that leads to what looks to be a factory of sorts.

Ka’al rushes ahead puzzling the worker droids and managers, the rest of the crew then follows trying to find what purpose this factory holds, but they are quickly interrupted by Ka’al’s comm “Guys! He’s here! The Nikto!” Seeing as the Nikto is loading cargo into his ship, Ka’al doesn’t waste an opportunity and fires through a window, alerting Kaatos Leechos that he has been found. Blaster fire, grenades and jet pack flying combat ensues and when the Nikto realizes that his enemies are too many, he decides to give up on the cargo he has yet to load, cut his losses and take off on his ship. With the authorities alerted and already at the entrance of the Zelcom towers, the crew quickly hijack a vehicle and make off with two cargo crates that the. Nikto had left behind. Chico then extends an invitation to the Coruscant crew to join the crew of the Big Bantha as they head to the Chop Shop.



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