Durga Besadii Tai


Durga Besadii Tai, self-styled His Great Obesity, the Lord Durga, is a Hutt and the successor of Aruk as head of the Besadii kajidic. Durga serves as a vigo in the criminal organization Black Sun Syndicate.


Durga was born in 105 BBY, but suffered the misfortune of having a disfiguring birthmark over his eye. Hutts are notoriously superstitious and his relatives urged Aruk to kill his offspring. Aruk foresaw that Durga would become a great Hutt one day. He then ordered the naysayers to cease their complaints.

Durga reached the Hutt age of responsibility at 100 and learned the business of Besadii at his father’s right hand. Durga could see that his cousin Kibbick couldn’t run the Ylesian enterprise and asked if he could be sent in his place. Aruk felt that Durga was still too young to go and kept Kibbick on.

After Aruk was murdered, Durga called for help from Prince Xizor to secure the succession and locate Aruk’s murderer. Xizor agreed, on the condition that Durga relinquish substantial profits from Ylesia. In desperation, Durga agreed. Xizor had already discovered that Aruk had been poisoned by the Desilijic clan and deliberately thwarted Durga’s attempts to uncover the truth. Jiliac Desilijic Tiron, head of the Desilijic clan purchased a rare poison from the Malkite Poisoners and used Teroenza, High Priest of the Ylesian enterprise to deliver the poison to Aruk. Infuriated, Durga squirmed over to the Desilijic palace and challenged Jiliac under the Old Law. Durga and Jiliac fought in mortal combat, and Jiliac was killed. Durga then requested a mercenary force from Xizor to ensure that no trouble would break out and he then hired Boba Fett to assassinate Teroenza and slice off his horn to mount on his wall as a trophy.

Durga Besadii Tai

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