Kalend Thora


Kalend is a blue-skinned Duro female with a greenish tinge around her neck and shoulders her most notable features are a long scar across her head and her tendency to wear the same flight suit as many pilots of the Rebel Alliance.


Kalend Thora is a seasoned Duro pilot who works for Mal Biron and handles some of Black Sun’s most important shipments.

Thora started off her career as a weapons smuggler working for a group of Kintan gunrunners. She spent most of her time in Corellian space where she became renowned for her ability to escape capture. Most of her work still consisted of simple smuggling, blockade running and gunrunning. She loves her chosen profession and tries her best never to let her patron down.

When she met Prince Xizor he saw her potential and awarded a spot in Black Sun she assigned to the Sisar Run where she started working for Vigo Sprax, and secretly reporting to Durga. Now that piracy levels in the Sisar Run have been lowered she has started to learn the most efficient smuggling routes and is owed several favors by and maintains close relations with a number of prominent port officials throughout the Outer and Mid rim.

She began using a Kuat Drive Yards D9 Runner light freighter called the_ Starknife_, when the ship’s original owner, a fellow member of Black Sun, was ambushed and killed by an unknown party.

Kalend Thora

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