Limn Yith


Limna is a Kerestian female approximately 2 meters in height. Physically, Limna is a perfect specimen of her people. She is tall and muscular, yet with a wiry leanness that speaks of prowess won in battle. She is known to wear bounty hunter armor and carries a heavy blaster, thought it seems she refers a custom double-edged vibroblade for close combat. Limna cares nothing for personal honor. She will achieve her ends by any means necessary and has no compunction about murdering innocents.


Limna was born in the blood of her planet’s downfall. She survived in the savage wastes by murder and treachery, and it seems her methods have served her well in the intergalactic mercenary trade. Her loyalties have been questioned on several assignments, but few have been able to accomplish the tasks Limna has. She is also known to have led a ruthless attack on a spice freighter run by independent smugglers. Her latest employer is the notorious Kutuab the Hutt.

Limn Yith

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