4-LOM is an ambitious protocol droid who overwrote his own programming in order to embark on a life of crime. A LOM-series droid, 4-LOM’s first assignment was aboard a luxury liner named the Kuari Princess, where he served as a translator between the vessel’s wealthy passengers and its computer. He found this work to be mundane and undemanding, and after the Kuari Princess’s computer altered his programming, 4-LOM began to steal from the passengers. Eventually, he left the Kuari Princess for good, becoming an expert thief, information broker, and, after Jabba Desilijic Tiure altered his programming further, a highly-successful bounty hunter.


4-LOM is an ambitious being and has spent the majority of his life trying to better equip himself for the job at hand. Through a flaw in his system, he has sought to fill his life with challenges and continually altered and overrode his own programming so that he could “help” others. After leaving the Kuari Princess, he set his sights on learning the skill of intuition and partnered himself with Zuckuss. He has been very determined to acquire this skill, spending a great many years studying and observing Zuckuss.


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