Mal Biron


Mal is a middle-aged Shistavanen, with graying fur, a missing left ear and chipped teeth. Despite dressing in khakis resembling the field uniforms of the Republic’s scout service, he is somewhat of an “elder statesman”.


Born on the third planet of the Shistavanen home system of Uvena, he hails from a long line of distinguished scouts and leaders. Bron is a former Galactic Republic scout who was forced from his job with the rise of the Galactic Empire and their Humanocentrism policies. He subsequently joined Black Sun as a smuggler and has risen to be a representative of Sprax.

His skills as a pilot and smuggler rank high, having polished them during several perilous jobs on Nar Shaddaa]] during a series of Hutt gang wars. Mal travels the galaxy in a modified CEC Barloz-class freighter called Eyeshine.

Mal Biron

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