Moruth Doole


Moruth Doole is a male Rybet who is the administrator of the spice mines of Kessel. Froglike in appearance, with green, slimy-looking skin. He preferres to wear clothing made of the skins of other reptiles, his favorite being a waistcoast. During his period of mating readiness, be sports a bright yellow cravat. The clothing make him look buffoonish. Doole is a glitterstim user, using its abilities to boost his mental powers. However, excessive glitterstim usage causes paranoia in the user and he has become excessively paranoid about outside visitors to the world. He once deeply angered Jabba the Hutt who planed to kill Doole, but instead had his eye removed instead. Doole had the eye replaced with a bionic one shortly after.


Doole began his career on Kessel as an administrator in the spice mines. He is a corrupt official who brokered deals for various smuggling gangs, particularly by selling the Hutts illegal shipments of glitterstim,as well as maps and access codes for Kessel´s energy shields for them so set up small mining operations of their own.

Whenever spice veins began to run dry, Doole would step in as a prison official and double-cross his business partners. Reporting ”newly discovered” illegal mines, Doole would send the raiding parties with his own men, who made sure that anyone who could provide evidence of Doole´s double life was murdered. Doole employees a variety of smugglers though his favor always goes to the highest bidder, and he has no qualms about turning one of his smugglers over to authorities if paid the right amount.

Moruth Doole

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