Nim Abek


Nim Abek is a Kajain’saNikto pirate in the employ of Vigo Sprax. Although Sprax dislikes piracy – he has seen many a fine-lined vessel ruined by careless pirates – he does recognize its value. Nim has been able to master his aggressive nature but remains a being of action, he is extremely contemptuous of other races. He has no qualms about killing people if they stand in the way of what he perceives is his destiny.


Abek began his career as a shipjacker in the Sisar Run. When the Nikto stole a ship from Sprax’s personal fleet in a fast, professional and flawless way, the Vigo dispatched bounty hunters to bring the him in. Abek was captured… and was quiet surprised to find Sprax offering him employment. Since then, Abek has become the leader of a group of pirates, shipjackers, and mercs working out a combination chop-shop/shadowport just before the Sisar Run splits to the Ac’fren Spur.

Abek is a loud braggart but with good reason, he now has command of over 100 pirates. Vigo Sprax does not trust Abek, but so far he has been very useful and hip ship-jacking operation has proven extremely valuable. Abek has several treacherous schemes bubbling in his leather head, but so far, he has not acted on any yet.

Nim Abek

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