Fearsome in nature and appearance to many of the galaxy’s inhabitants, like all Feeorin, Nym only grew stronger with age. His reputation as a ruthless strategist and combatant even made the Empire hesitant to cross him and his organization. He was raised by criminals in the Outer Rim, and his impoverished youth afforded him time to practice his tactical skills. The Feeorin pirate was later regarded as a brilliant tactician in his own right, and was respected for his abilities. Nym was also unafraid to challenge powerful organizations, such as the Trade Federation, or launch raids deep into the Core Worlds. In battle, he is prepared to sacrifice himself if he believs the cause important. Nym can also be vengeful, and is prone to fits of anger in combat, often shouting threats over the communication system when his opponents taunt him—threats that are usually swiftly made good upon. He is also a loyal pirate leader, who looks after his friends and comrades. Nym has often placed his own welfare in jeopardy to rescue his men and expresses regret at the loss of others.

The Feeorin was also fiercely independent, however, that did not stop him forming temporary partnerships even with his former enemy Vana Sage in order to strike at the Trade Federation.

Nym enjoys the company of humanoid females he considers attractive and witty, even those outside his species. He is also willing to honor a debt or a favor that he owes someone, though the extent to which he returns the favor depends on his interpretation of its worth. He is also a businessman, willing to make deals with people in exchange for services or tasks that he wants performed.


Nym was born during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, though reports on his past were not at all reliable. A male Feeorin, one of the last of his species, he was orphaned as a child on the tough streets of Lok, a barren and lawless world located in the Mid Rim’s Karthakk sector. Nym began to join up with the various pirate crews who frequented Lok’s spaceports, and being raised by such harsh criminals tempered his physical skills and abrasive personality. By the time he had reached adulthood, Nym had earned a reputation as a capable pilot and mechanic, a fierce fighter, and a talented tactician. He took part in violent free-for-all fights in the Blood Pits of the smuggler’s moon, Nar Shaddaa, once going toe-to-toe with a Trandoshan. After winning one contest, Nym received a tattoo; the symbol was at the time meaningless, but would take on significance later in the Feeorin’s life.

Having become well-known and highly respected throughout the underworld, the Feeorin ultimately assembled his own, loyal crew of pirates and cutthroats and took to the space lanes, practicing piracy along the busy hyperlanes that went between the Core Worlds. At some point in his life, Nym’s left hand was severed at the elbow, and he had it replaced with a metallic prosthetic hand. Nym quickly became a feared figure along the hyperlanes he plundered. He made every attempt to minimize the bloodshed during his raids, unlike many of his fellow pirates, known for cruelty and violence, relying instead on speed and effectiveness to get the job done.


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