Ota Kre'fey


Ota like much of his race is a short stout Bothan with brown fur, who looks to be in him middle ages. Ota started off his career as a low operative in the Bothan Spy network and it was through this position that he was able to develop many of his contacts. Shortly after the outbreak of the Clone Wars Ota decided he wanted a change in his lifestyle so he became a small times arms dealer. He has been know to work for the Hutt’s at some points but tends to deal with others as the Hutts tend to lowball their bids.

Due to his time in the spy net Ota became a shrewd investigator, who could be stealthy when the need arose, and is an adept pick pocket and forger. Although he admits that computer programming and slicing is beyond his knowledge range, he is trained in general computer programming and skills, as well as droid programming. He can also competently operate communications, security, and sensor systems.


Ota Kre'fey

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