Prince Xizor


Xizor is an excellent judge of character, and he believes himself to be inherently superior to everyone. The Falleen ability to produce intoxicating pheromones together with his formidable brain and resourcefulness backs up his claim somewhat.

He also considers himself a cultured man, and appreciates High Coruscanti living, dining at exclusive restaurants, sponsoring museums and galleries. He once forgave a rival after the rival presented him an extremely rare miniature Firethorn tree. Such a gift, Xizor mused, was enough to show him that the man was civilized and therefore his mistake could be forgiven.

Xizor also prides himself on his emotional control, which he attributes to his cold-blooded, reptilian ancestry. He feels that mammalian races such as Humans are too easily ruled by their emotions, and that in particular they are susceptible to uncontrolled rage. His own “cold” anger is more controllable, and thus, he feels, superior. While a Human might seek immediate vengeance, Xizor is content to plan his revenge carefully, so as to ensure success, even if it required waiting for years to implement the plan.

Xizor keeps himself in top physical condition. He dislikes tedious exercise and so prefers to use myostim units that exercises individual muscles. Xizor is dangerous even when confronted alone. His excellent marksmanship and martial arts training make him a deadly opponent whether he is armed or not.


Xizor is a Falleen Prince of House Sizhran and the secret leader of the powerful criminal organization Black Sun. Xizor is a ruthless competitor and charismatic public figure in high society with his headquarters on the city planet Coruscant. Close to the Imperial Palace.

Xizor has taken a great deal of interest in dealing with the Hutts; knowing that they are the masters of all illegal activities in the Outer Rim, he hopes to ally himself with them and expand Black Sun’s power to even greater levels.

Due to these maneuvers, Xizor has succeeded in extending Black Sun’s power far into the Outer Rim, while eliminating the threat of serious Hutt competition. In the galactic underworld, Black Sun is now a power without equal.

Prince Xizor

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