Riboga the Hutt


Riboga is an older Hutt who has not been back to his home world of Nal Hutta in over a century. His bulk has grown so large that he has to be moved around on a Grav Hoversled. Riboga is even more cruel and vindictive than the younger members of his species that are just now starting to make Names for themselves throughout the galaxy.


Riboga the Hutt is a crime lord based out of the Cularin System. Referred to as the “Exalted Disgusting One” at least twice (the first time he heard it, he found it funny; the second time he heard it, he demanded a tribute), or simply the “Exalted Riboga the Hutt,” Riboga came to Cularin as an exile, but he soon managed to pull the Smugglers’ Confederation under his control in 110 BBY, and establish a successful criminal organization, focused mostly on smuggling, gambling, loansharking and, slaving.

Riboga loans many of the smugglers money to upgrade their ships, particularly the more recalcitrant ones. As an alternative to paying back the exorbitant interest rates, the smugglers can enter periods of exclusive service to the Hutt, essentially becoming his indentured servants. In this way, Riboga has further brought the smugglers under his control.

Riboga the Hutt

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