Like most Nalroni, Sprax is a slight humanid with a long, tapered snout. He is an aging male so to conceal his graying fur he often dyes it a brown-gold as it was in his youth and maintains an extensive wardrobe like that of the Brentall merchants – long tailed jackets over long tunics.


Along the area of space called the Sisar Run, smuggling and shipping activity is overseen by one being; this cunning Nalroni. Under Sprax’s direction the Sisar arm of Black Sun brings in billions of credits annually; the Nalroni’z personal fortune continues to grow as a result of Sprax’s effective leadership and shrewd methods. The influence of Sprax and his companions extends from the Core to the Outer Rim and his infamy in the smuggling community is equal or better than that of Jabba the Hutt or Abdi-Bedawzi.


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