Urai Fen


A member of the avian Talortai race, Fen serves an important role in the Zann Consortium and is old enough to have lived through the last Sith War. Urai is an ancient and proud warrior, who prefers to simply kill enemies rather than seeing any purpose of letting them live. Despite this, to an extent, Urai seems to have something of a conscience that Zann does not, and seems willing to accept a lot more responsibility for the well being of others, often volunteering himself for the more dangerous objectives in a mission.


Little is know of Urai Fen from before he joined forces with Zann. Urai Fen servs as Tyber Zann’s loyal bodyguard, lieutenant, friend, and second in command of the Zann Consortium. He prefers melee combat and the use of his unique heavy blades over blasters. These blades have proven to be sharper and more powerful than most others and can even damage heavily armored vehicles, as well as decimate infantry. He also has a special sonic device which is able to stun his opponent,

Urai Fen

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