Vrixx’tt was a large Gand who wears the traditional Gand garb, and could of easily been mistaken for the much more famous Zuckuss.

While Vrixx’tt’s expressionless face and inability to speak Basic makes him seem distant, he keenly observes proceedings and is friendly enough if approached.


Vrixx’tt generally keeps to and works by himself but was recently hired by Teemo the Hutt to assist Trex in tracking down the Protagonist. It was Vrixx’tt who accidentally tipped the Protagonist off to the ambush at the Old Lylek Den on Ryloth when they caught a glimpse of his Heavy Blaster Rifle reflecting in the sunlight.

He was lucky to survive that encounter as the blast of a frag grenade knocked him unconscious. Trex and Vrixx’tt then traveled to Geonosis, on Vrixx’tt ship the Mist Dancer. Once on Geonosis Vrixx’tt did all the scouting and was able to locate the Protagonist at a part for Duke Piddock. He was able to identify them and then left to set up an ambush for them Docking Gantyr AA7.

He has able to incapacitate many of the Protagonist with well placed booby traps before being betrayed by Trex and left to die.


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