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We aren’t good people.

This is not our Mantra, it’s an answer. It’s the answer to almost every question we get. “How come you leave every town you come across half rubble?” “Why are you being chased by three different crime lords on a half a dozen planets?” The answer of course is that we aren’t good people. This is a group that has almost nothing left to lose. Wanted in too many places with no home to return to. From where we’re standing the only way to go is up.

If I were you, I would stay out of our way.

List of Player Characters – Who’s on the team. Members of our crew may not be good people but their good at what they do, they wouldn’t still be alive otherwise.

Assets – A Run down on field assets. This is the stuff that going to keep us alive, keep us going, and maybe even change our fortunes for good.

Contacts – A list of people we haven’t pissed off enough to not work with us, and a few we have bullied into doing so anyway.

Employers – Jobs keep the creds coming and the ships flying. Here’s some people who have duped or coerced us into doing work for them.

Player Characters Assets Contacts Employers

About the Party

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