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We have certainly been busy. I’ve made a list of a few of the things we have “acquired” on this ill-fated journey of ours.

We have two primary ways to cart this group around the galaxy. These certainly aren’t the best or flashiest of ships but the price was right, this is to say, free.
  • Krayt Fang – This ’ol rust bucket was the first acquired. Fast and Maneuverable.
  • Big Bantha – I can’t remember her original name, we all just started calling her Bantha on account of her size, and smell.
  • B1 Battle Droids – Picked these up at one the galaxies finest droid emporiums, just kidding we stole em.
  • Ship fund – This is made up of the Creds we can’t evenly divvy up.
    Currently: 150CR
About the Party Player Characters Contacts Employers


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