The Houk are a people with a reputation for raw strength and short tempers. They are very powerful due to their large bulk of pure muscle. They are among the largest and strongest humanoid sentients, rivaled only by species such as the Wookiees for physical power.

The Houk come from the planet Lijuter in the Reibrin system, though they spread out to colonize several nearby systems after being contacted by Vaathkree traders. All Houk colonies have their own societies and systems of government, though they all answered to the Lijuter Congress which administers their homeworld. They currently have thirty-one offworld colonies, mostly in the Ansuroer Sector.

Though their tempers are not as explosive as those of Wookiees, Houk are known for their tendency to solve problems violently. In politics, they will often wage war without formal declarations, negotiate in bad faith, and ignore treaties. Though this preference for violence tends to cause the Houk problems when dealing with other societies, it often gets them what they want.

The Houk produce little technology of their own, though they have adapted themselves to the standard technology of the rest of the galaxy, including hyperdrive-equipped starships and modern weapons.


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