Hutt crime lords

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The Hutt Kajidics are criminal/business syndicates run as families by the Hutts who have their hands in all kinds of criminal ventures. Unlike the usual crime syndicate that operated in secret, the Hutt clans operated out in the open, claiming leadership over dozens of worlds. The Kajidics employ the species of these worlds as vassals, such as the Nikto and Gamorreans.

The Hutts are famous for their ruthlessness, and success in the underworld. Many Hutts will ransack innocent ships just for their cargo. As masters of the criminal underworld, they also steal, cheat, and murder without hesitation, often hiring smugglers to transport illegal spice, weapons or slaves. the leaders of these Hutt Kajidics tend to ensconce themselves in fortresses, often on remote planets, such as Tatooine. These fortresses are filled with mercenaries, bounty hunters, and innumerable other sycophants. Heading a ruthless criminal organization means extreme competition and complex intrigues, Hutts that get involved with such activity are often killed, or enslaved. Only the most cunning stay at the top of the food chain. Some Hutts have such an influence that they actually control entire planets. It is well known that no one requested an audience with a Hutt without having something to offer.

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Hutt crime lords

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