Krayt Fang


The Krayt Fang is a reddish brown-colored XS Stock light freighter that was commenderd by Trex, a Trandoshan bounty hunter in the employ of Hutt Cartel crime lord Teemo.

It actually belongs to the Duro Smuggler Chico but no one knows how he acquired such an ancient ship or how it is even still flying let alone be in such good conditions. Some say it may even be the same ship flown by Nico Okarr back during the Great Galactic War. Chico even says it can outrun the Millennium Falcon.

Unfortunately for Chico he’s somewhat lost ownership as he was betrayed by Teemo and his ship was given the Trex. Though the ship was liberated by the Protagonist and Chico has joined them they have’t given full ownership of the craft back to him as of yet.

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Krayt Fang

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