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Our Cast of Characters

Its just the Bad and the Ugly as far as I can tell.

Aawala: Ithorian Colonist, Doctor
Her bellow is certainly bigger than her bite. She’s so nice I have no idea why she would hang around with the rest of these scumbags! I suspect shes hiding some deep dark secret that prevents her from setting up shop as a legit Doc. Shes also got some sort of Free the people obsession, its always “non-human rights this” and “non-human rights that” with her.

Chico: Duro Smuggler, Pilot.
A real piece of work. He’s one of the pilots and sharpshooters. He generally tries to play things smart when he can, which isn’t often. Claims he owns the Ship Big Bantha. AND he claims it isn’t even called Big Bantha!

Chuck: Klantoonian Hired Gun
What can I say, he does what they pay him to, shoot his gun. And he does his job well.

Shobacc: Wookie Hired Gun
At first glance you might think “What a sorry sap!” This hairy ten foot tall monster is beholden to some sort of contrived slavery called a “life debt”. Seems like some backward culture crap to me. But then you see him literally chop a guy in half with one swing of an axe and you suddenly don’t feel so sorry for him. And maybe give him a little more breathing room.

Javier: Ithorian Scholar
Apparently some sort of respectable know it all. He’s damn uppity for someone hanging out with the likes of this group. But despite all that he’s good where it counts, does all the heavy lifting in the brains department. Don’t ask him to hold a gun though, he’s more liable to shoot his own foot off than anything else.

Ka’al: Human Smuggler, Scoundrel
This guy, don’t get me started on this guy. Keeps calling himself the “face” of the party. More often than not his mouth quickly outruns what little brains he’s got. Leaving him looking for help in all the wrong places, namely the rest of his teammates. Not to mention his habit of “disappearing” when things start looking rough.

Manny: Weequay Hired Gun, Mercenary
A brute if I ever met one, and I’ve met my fair share. Sometimes we call him hot potato, mainly because he’s the ‘throw a grenade first and ask questions later kind of guy.’ But don’t worry, he’s also what you might call a people person, in that he likes to draw his vibroknife and presses it to the throat of whoever’s nearest. He calls it “haggling.”

Munch: Wookie Smuggler, Pilot
One of the other Pilots in the group, and not a half bad gunner either. For some reason he insists on negotiating for the entire group, despite the fact that nobody can understand the him, but I don’t need to know the particulars when i see him rip a dudes arm off and beat him with it.

QT-1: Tech Droid
I haven’t bothered to learn the whole story but supposedly this little droid that could is fighting to overthrow droid enslavement or some such. I don’t know much about all that but I can tell you she is damn useful in the field. At least I think its a her. I have never seen anyone mechanical or otherwise hack a ship faster. Didn’t seem to mind taking out a few troopers along the way either. I guess this little revolution of hers won’t be bloodless. And she don’t mind getting a little of it on her hands…or clamps or whatever.

Bragen IG-4: Droid Bounty Hunter
We call him Killbot for short. He’s a walking weapons platform programmed for your destruction. I wouldn’t become his target if I were you, or get in his way for that matter. At least he’s bad at cards.

Tulara: Bothan Technician, Slicer
Take whatever stereotypes you got about Slicers and throw them out the airlock. She’s no pasty nerd locked up in a hold somewhere, she runs and guns just like everyone else. If not for her there’d be a lot more exploded doors and lot less quiet entries. Not to mention she can take over a building a run it like a doll house. Sometimes I think she gets her kicks off the sense of control. Who cares as long shes on our side.

This is me, just another member of the team. I do what I can to keep us alive and flying. I move things from one place to another despite having a brain the size of a planet. I hope to someday recreate myself into more than I appear today, to that end I hope we crush all of our enemies and rule the rim.

About the Party Assets Contacts Employers

List of Player Characters

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