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Ryloth, is the harsh, rocky homeworld of the Twi’leks, an Outer Rim Territories world located on the Corellian Run and forming one endpoint of the Death Wind Corridor. One side of the planet perpetually faces its sun and the other remains in darkness, a phenomenon known as tidal locking. The dayside is referred to as the Bright Lands and the night-side is known as the Nightlands.

Ryloth possesses a thin, but breathable atmosphere. The planet is orbited by five moons, which has subtle tidal effects on the planet’s liquid core and underground springs. It has little or no surface water except for patches of ice on the night side.
It is a planet of extremes: dry, rocky landscapes of deserts, mountain ranges with mist-covered peaks, shadowy valleys, alternated with snowy wastes, joined by lush temperate bands which concentrate much of its population.

Because of its unusual day-night rotation period, atmospheric conditions on Ryloth’s surface are characterized by turbulent seasons and extremely high winds (reaching 500 kilometers per hour) scouring the surface and sculpting the landscape and unpredictable bursts of heat called heat storms, which can reach 300 degrees Celsius. The more extreme heat storms sometimes moved across the terminator and reach miles underground, making caves near the surface temporarily uninhabitable, before eventually dying out on the night side.

Along the terminator lies a thin habitable border, a twilight realm between the two extremes. Along this narrow strip is the series of caverns where some of the Twi’leks decided to build their underground cities, blockaded with thick blast doors and portcullises to keep out the vicious monsters that prowl the Bright Lands.

Ryll is the major export of Ryloth, a potent spice, discovered in 4800 BBY, which was mined and originally distributed for medicinal use.


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