Story So Far

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The Hutt Gambit

Episode XI


Living on the rim and the edge of civilized society a group of miss-fits and ruffian’s shoot and bomb their way across the galaxy taking good advantage of the chaos brought on by a galactic wide war

The group is on the run after a botched job for Teemo the Hutt. And are now being chased by some bad people

The group was given a job by Kalend Thora an assistant to a Black Sun Crime lord. She tasked them with finding a mysterious black box found on a mining colony but stolen.

The group searched for the thief, a woman in yellow, and traced her whereabouts to a gang of swoop bikers. They were ambushed but came out the other side victorious.

Now the group continues to search onward to a possible new location at the end of the Sissar Run

Story So Far

The Hutt Gambit Sestuss