The Tunroth are hairless, bipedal, sentient mammals who averaged 1.7 meters in height. Their large frame supports a muscular physique, which gives the species a reputation for great strength. Tunroth have only three digits on each hand and foot: two opposable thumbs on either side of a large, central fin-like digit.

The most recognizable Tunroth feature is an elongated skull that sits forward over the sloping neck. The arrangement produces a distinctive look, along with a large vertical nostril, set above their low, wide-set eyes. Each Tunroth has pronounced teeth, and a number of bony, horn-like protrusions studding the lower jaw. Many Tunroth place similar spikes on their clothing, such as on shoulder pads and shin guards.

The Tunroth people develop at a reasonably standard rate: considered younglings until around age eleven, society regards them as full adults by age of eighteen. Tunroth reaching sixty are considered old, while those living past eighty are considered venerable. Tunroth skin coloration is typically dark brown or yellow, but orange-skinned Tunroth live on certain remote continents. Tunroth blood is blue.

Tunroth have a natural tracking ability, commonly referred to as quarry sense. Evolved over thousands of years of hunting, they have an innate sense of what direction their quarry has taken. Familiarity with the beast or individual heightens this skill, and it is a vital component in their hunting and tracking abilities.

Hunting is the most common profession for Tunroth and forms the mainstay of their way of life. Creatures common to all the Tunroth worlds, such as dlarnic grazers and several nerf breeds, provide basic sustenance. Tunroth teach their children to hunt from very early on, and as such, hunters and trackers became the most highly respected individuals. It has become not just a way of life, but symbolic of their view of life. Hunting has become a serious spiritual endeavor.


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